The Wedding Photographer and his Tower Bridge Proposal
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Ezekiel’s Tower Bridge Proposal was an Internet sensation few months ago. Read his version of events leading to this day below.

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How did you meet?

I came across her picture while looking through a mutual friend’s phone in 2009 and I immediately demanded a hookup. We then exchanged numbers but nothing really happened as I was all the way in Uxbridge and she seemed busy with her Nursing course back in London.

Few months later, I finally got to meet Dumebi when she joined her girls for a night out in Birmingham. I had no intention of going to Birmingham that weekend, but once I realized she was going to be there, I managed to convince my friend to go on a road trip up to Birmingham. I tried to play it cool at the event and not give away that the whole reason I was in Birmingham was for her.

I think I may have played it too cool. To the point where she actually gave her number to another guy right in front of me! I couldn’t believe it. My friend told me to quit at this point. You snooze you lose. But I knew what I wanted and I told him that this woman would be mine no matter what. It was a long drive back to London but I knew I had to do whatever it took to get the woman I want.

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How did you propose?


I planned to propose after/during dinner at the OXO Tower.

I wasn’t really sure exactly how I was going to do it, maybe put the ring in her soup or pretend to have a heart attack in the restaurant and get down on one knee like in the movies.

Luckily, one of her friends called and asked me if I was thinking of proposing any time soon and how would I do it. So I let her know my plans so far. She advised me to propose by London Bridge instead with Tower Bridge in the backdrop. We then brainstormed some ideas over the phone about what else could be added. She came up with tea lights that could spell out something unique on the floor and some singers that she knew would be down to help out. I added a bouquet of white and red roses and we were set. On the day, it went exactly as planned

Below are a few photos from their Traditional Engagement wedding

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Proposal Photos: FlyLusi / Traditional Wedding: Photos by Obi

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