You’ve proposed, now what?
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The wedding day is mostly about the bride. She has been planning this day since she was 16 and probably has a Pinterest page with all the wedding ideas. However, it’s the grooms’ day too. And more importantly, it might be his wallet as well.

Below are a few areas we think the grooms should do during the wedding planning process

Agree on the venue and date – The cost of the wedding is generally determined by these two factors. While she may want a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding, or one during the Christmas season, this may not be feasible due to costs during such periods. This may be one of those times you need to say ‘I know that’s a good idea but saving here means a nicer honeymoon’.

agree on the venue
Photo by: Joshua Dwain

Find Your Wedding Suit – This is probably the next most important decision to be made. Grooms also need to make an effort to look very well dressed on their big day. As we have seen more and more grooms going for second outfits, you probably have to find two tuxedos (we can help you with this!)

Look genuinely interested – There is the tendency for brides to go into override when it comes to wedding planning. And while they may not require you to be just as excited, brides expect to see some form of interest. Some grooms generally give their brides a ‘one hour wedding discussion time each day; this might (or might not work for you)

Abeena & Harold's wedding at Giando's on the Water
Photo by: Joshua Dwain/

Get Fit – Ever so often, we hear about brides getting fit for the wedding. Or making sure that they fit into a particular dress size. As the infamous saying goes, ‘you don’t alter Vera Wang, you alter yourself to fit’. We believe that grooms should also try to get fit as well. Remember you will be in just as many photos.

Get Fit - Jide Odukoya
Photo by: Jide Odukoya

Organise your groomsmen – This seems rather basic but it’s extremely important. Gone are the days of groomsmen just appearing in their favourite black suits. As it is the grooms day too, organising the groomsmen and ensuring everyone gets fitted (and is sober) on the wedding morning is important.

organise your groomsmen joshua dwain
Photo by: Joshua Dwain

Decide on Groomsmen gifts – Groomsmen’s gifts are becoming a more important part of the wedding. This is really a way of thanking your best friends all their support during the wedding planning process and on the big day. The more popular gifts are customised accessories such as cufflinks, or monogrammed alcohol flasks.

Decide on groomsmen gifts Photo by Jide Odukoya
Photo by: Jide Odukoya

Pay for the rings – Notice the word ‘Pay for’ as against ‘Choosing’. We know the bride already has this covered so be kind enough to swipe the card.

Pay for rings Mark William Photography Ring  Detail 2
Photo by: Mark William Photography

Arrange the honeymoon – This is probably the most important role of the groom (asides paying for part of the wedding). After the fairy tale wedding the bride has always hoped for, jetting off to a nice location is the icing on the cake. It is a great idea to consult online guides and plan this well in advance taking into account visa and other logistics.

arrange the honeymoon - Photo by Flylusi
Photo by: Flylusi
arrange the honeymoon - Photo by Flylusi
Photo by: Flylusi

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