Top 4 Favourite suits colours for the groom
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When it comes to suits, there are so many colours for the groom and his groomsmen to choose from. Unlike brides who will generally choose a white or off white dress, grooms can choose from a wide range of colours. They can also decide to mix up the blazer with another colour of pants. With most grooms now also having second outfits, we have highlighted some of our favourite suit colours.

Black – The classic black tuxedo will also be one of our favourites. Asides the fact that it makes it easier to coordinate for the groomsmen especially when you don’t want your friends to invest in new suit, the look could be sophisticated yet not overwhelming for the eyes. The classic black suit is generally complemented with a matching black bowtie, a white bowtie or sometimes with a bowtie matching the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Suit Black @eniolaalakija
Photo by: Eniolaalakija Photograhy


Suit Black @jotphotograhy for @alakijastudios
Photo by: JOT Photograhy

Blue – The blue suit is very versatile; there are so many different shades an combinations to choose from. In recent times, the most common has been the three-piece midnight blue suit. We have also seen grooms in light blue suits. The choice of what shade could be determined by the colour theme of the wedding among other factors. Grooms can also decide to pair their blue suits with grey waistcoats.

Suit Blue - @georgeokoro
Photo by: George Okoro


Suit Blue @adebayoderu
Photo by: Adebayo Deru

White / Off White – This became a clear favourite for grooms and groomsmen in 2014. From the red carpet to wedding day, white was no longer a colour reserved exclusively for the bride. The common trends have been tuxedos with white or black shawl lapels, generally paired with matching bowties.

Suit White @lb910
Photo by: Lanre Balogun


Suit White OmoJesu
Photo by: OmoJesu

Grey – Grey might well be the ‘underdog’ when it comes to choices for the grooms suit. This is because we don’t see that many grooms in it, it however goes with most other colours. As this colour is also versatile, you can easily combine it with a black bowtie or even a bright pink necktie.

Suit Grey-
Photo by: T. Philips


Suit Grey Photocredit @scrole_vision
Photo by: scrolevision

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