Out of bounds, Mr Groom
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The wedding. It used to be every girl’s dream. Now, it’s most boys’ too. That is, judging by how involved men have become in the planning of their weddings.

Though every bride wants a supportive and understanding groom, there are a few no go areas when it comes to the wedding and wedding planning.

Her wedding dress – We all know (or should) know the tradition of the groom not seeing his brides dresses until the wedding morning. This is also extended to choosing a dress. The bride will require exclusivity when it comes to choosing her dress. Your suggestions will probably not be welcome. If she however solicits this, make sure to keep it ‘short and sweet’.

Photo by: Cendino Teme
Photo by: Cendino Teme


Her bridesmaids – This is both literal and figurative. Though you may want the bridesmaids to wear a certain colour so it coordinates with your dream of your groomsmen in a certain colour of suit, the bride gets to choose first. If you are unable to accessorise your groomsmen, as you will lie based on this, rather than making it an issue, contact us.

Her bridesmaids -Adebayo-Deru-4
Photo by: Adebayo Deru

The first song – Brides are generally sentimental about the first dance and of course, the first song. She has probably had this on replay since you proposed. It will be in everyone’s best interest if you dance along to this song, like you mean it.

Tina & Jean Claude Wedding at Greentree Country Club
Photo by: Joshua Dwain.com/

Her bridal shots – Yes she now bears your last name. However, your idea of appearing in all her photos probably wouldn’t fly. Definitely take, as many photos with your bride as you’d like. But make sure to give her space for as many photos as she will like.

Photo by: Lumi Morgan
Photo by: Lumi Morgan

The wedding photographer – Brides are generally sentimental about their wedding photographers. They have probably been following his work and booked him (or her) before you proposed. This is therefore another area where ‘Yes Honey’ will be just fine.

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