Guide for Purchasing and Styling your Wedding Tuxedo
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We recently had a chat with luxury event planner Brandon, owner of Mode, a boutique full service event planning firm servicing Baltimore, Maryland and the Washington DC. Brandon gives some style advice for the grooms.


Planning the wedding weekend with your fiancé and family is a major project. There’s searching for venues, picking out wedding invitations and of course trying to narrow down that never ending guest list. Yes, the list of duties is extensive and you may even begin to feel like it’s an actual job at some point, but trust me, it’ll all be worth it in the end. But while creating a master plan for a wedding day that’ll knock your guests off their feet, you must remember one very important detail….YOU!

I know it can get hectic and time just seems to slip on by, but you should take the time to focus on your look. As a bride masterfully plans the shape, type and style of her wedding dress, you should do the same when you’re searching for your perfect wedding tuxedo.

Here are 3 guaranteed steps I share with my grooms to guide them in becoming a style conscious groom.

Step 1: Determine the style.

Your look should be consistent with the overall concept and feel of your wedding day. For example, if you’re having a garden wedding during the day in the Spring, you should consider a casual look such as a suit with earth tones and a material that is light and comfortable. Or, if you’re having an evening black-tie wedding, consider a tuxedo with a high-end look such as a shawl collar or a peak lapel. Think James Bond for a classic look, or the rapper Pittbull for a modern flare.

Photo by Joshua Dwain
Photo by Joshua Dwain

Step 2: Understanding your shape

Ok guys, this is when you have to be honest with yourself in understanding….not every suit is made for you! It’s a harsh reality I had to face when I split a pair of slim cut trousers…while coordinating a wedding. I would love to sport an Italian cut tux off the rack, but the truth is, my body isn’t made for it. To find out which fit works best for you, find a local tailor to assist you in understanding your shape before purchasing anything. A good tailor is hard to find, so do your research.

Photo by Amy Anaiz
Photo by Amy Anaiz

Step 3: Accessorize with personality.

Accessorizing is probably my favorite part when finishing a look, it’s when you can really show your personality. The basics typically include belt/suspenders, cufflinks, watch/bracelet and maybe a tie clip (not all together). Be careful not to add too many accessories or overpower the look with bold pieces. Although you want to show your personality, accessories should always compliment your attire appropriately. Also, try to make it personal. It doesn’t always have to be a new expensive watch or a funky pair of socks (a trend I’d be happy to see laid to rest), but maybe a pair of cufflinks or tie clip your father wore on his wedding day, or maybe a custom lapel pin rather than a floral boutonniere. Whatever the accessory you select, make it a special piece. So when you wear it in the future, you’ll be reminded of the day you married the love of your life.

Photo by Joshua Dwain
Photo by Joshua Dwain

So there, 3 surefire steps to guide you in becoming a style conscious groom, or better yet, a style conscious man.

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