Groom vs Groomsmen
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A wiseman once said, the groom must always win best dressed! As much as you’d like your best buds to look good, you definitely still need to stand out.

Below are a few options for coordinating the grooms outfit with those of his groomsmen.

  • All in matching outfits

Jot Photography for Alakija Studios
Photo by: Jot Photography for Alakija Studios
1. STUDIO 127 www.studio127photography
Photo by: STUDIO 127
  • Groom in different outfit from groomsmen

Juliette & Terrance's Wedding at Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY
Photo by: Joshua Dwain
2 photo nimi
Photo by: Photo Nimi
Photo by: Jonathan M Photography


  • Groom and best man in different outfit from the groomsmen

Photo by: J Gates Visuals
3 LUMI MORGAN Lumi Feb-1-4


  • Groom, Bestman and Groomsmen in different outfits

4 Atilary
Photo by: Atilary


  • Groom in matching outfit but with different choice of tie

5 - Adebayo deru
Photo by: Adebayo Deru


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