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For the new year, the GI team have decided to appreciate the tireless efforts of men style bloggers from around the world. Thanks to social media and the information savvy world we live in now, a young crop of distinguished gentlemen are leading the pack and showing men in a positive light through fashion. These gentlemen have come to influence modern fashion as we know it today and much of the attention men’s style has garnered today, we owe to them.

We’ve selected a young crop of gentlemen from around the globe who bring their own individuality to their personal take on modern men’s fashion. No strangers to the GI family themselves, these men have made it on our radar, style blogging their way into the hearts of the many that follow them.


Jubrıl Atanda is an Architect cum Style Blogger and Photographer; a Nigerian who lives in Nicosia, Cyprus, this gentleman’s style is a blend of the essentials and his love for his traditional African looks. He shows this and more to the admiration of his readers on his blog. His personal style gains inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s, a huge fan of the classic double breasted to the tuxedos, with an avid love for the more casual plain white and washed jeans look. Jubril still holds high appreciation for modern men’s fashion and we can see them well represented on his social media (@arct5000). Although yet to take the plunge, Jubril believes a groom should look his best on his special day, according to him white is one colour to stand out in and look elegant and distinct. Jubril is one to watch, an inspiration to young gentlemen looking to upgrade their style.



Meet Lawole Ikghogene known as Ik. Ik is a Student, Model, Singer and Fashion & Style Blogger who founded a Fashion and Lifestyle blog that was inspired by how well he could coordinate his outfits much to the admiration of people around him, His lifestyle instagram account focuses on Male Fashion and Lifestyle with something for everyone. His major style inspiration comes from Blake Scott and David Beckham. Although not married yet, Lawole has a lot of ideas lined up for his own wedding ceremony, to him, the important thing is getting a good stylist, a reputable one, the kind that would make your own ideas and needs into an amazing reality.

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Stephen Christopher, a young fashion and style enthusiast from Ohio, USA, with his thought out pairing and love for luxury clothing. This gentleman is an ambassador for his #fashionwasted movement, which has garnered quite a buzz and has given Stephen quite the following on social media. Stephen (@stephenchristopher on IG) runs his fashion and style platform on tumblr. His personal style according to him is more like a chameleon day by day. Stephen’s ability to switch it up has him rocking the classic to the urban to the preppy look. A soon to be groom himself, Stephen believes all grooms should just be themselves as someone’s out there watching.



Akin Faminu (akinfaminu on IG) is a young fashion expert on all things men’s style. This model and medical student from Lagos, Nigeria, champions the Artistic Insanity: The Fashion Epidemic movement on his platform His statuesque figure presents his outfit choices more effortlessly, a natural talent at best. He describes his personal style as dapper, exquisite and very detailed.  He believes style should be as original as possible and utmost attention should be paid to even the simplest of details because according to him they make or break every outfit.


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