GroomInspiration presents The Grooms’ Evening, London
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We recently hosted the first of its kind Grooms’ Evening event in London. 

There is a general conception that grooms do not necessarily enjoy wedding planning, and as such our idea was to put all the elements the grooms will normally have to sort out in one room! That way, a groom-to-be can attend the event and sort most elements of his wedding out including the wedding rings, his wedding suit and even honeymoon arrangements by speaking to experts on hand on the night.


We had suit designers from Savile Row specifically Mark Marengo and Mark Stephen as well as bespoke designers such as McJonathan and Maze Couture. We also had honeymoon expert Kay Francis from Francis London among other wedding industry experts providing information and fielding questions from the guests.

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The grooms had an enjoyable time and had the chance to win a pre-wedding photo shoot by Demi O Photography, pair of bespoke wedding shoes by Lolu as well as cufflinks by Alice Made This

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Check out more pictures from the event below 

GIEvening02 GIEvening03 copy GIEvening06 GIEvening10 GIEvening18 copy GIEvening20 GIEvening22 copy GIEvening23 GIEvening26 copy GIEvening27 GIEvening29 GIEvening31 copy GIEvening33 copy GIEvening37 GIEvening42 copy copy GIEvening43 copy

Photo : AdebayoDeru

Cupcake :  Made To Order

Cake : The Custom Cake Boutique

Location : The Hoxton

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