Groom Style Inspiration on the English Coutryside
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Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-5It always gives us immense pleasure when we come across styled shoots focused on the groom and groomsmen. With the emergence of the discerning groom who is more than ever before very involved in his wedding day outfits, this trend is bound to continue.

Eulanda Shead teamed up with other creatives to put together this styled shoot which was shot at the Buxted Park Hotel, Surrey.

Do enjoy and view other vendor listings at the end.

Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-10 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-16 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-23 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-24 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-25 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-31 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-39 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-42 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-47 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-60 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-74 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-86 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-87 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-102 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-103 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-105 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-107 (1) Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-109 Groom-Style-Eulanda-Shead-112

Photography & Styling: Eulanda Shead Photography

Florist: Emma Soulsby | 

Cake: Judit Hellebrandt

Stationary: Paper Grace | 

Flatlay styling: Ovie Egbedi | 

Car Hire: Retro Hire | 

Decor: Zara Home | 

Table cloths: Yahire | 

Film developing & scanning: theFINDlab 

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One thought on “Groom Style Inspiration on the English Coutryside

  1. I am beyond blown away. The attention to detail paid to this shoot shows Eulanda Shead is an authority and knows what she’s doing. Can’t wait to see more of her work and most important can’t wait for her to style and shoot my big day( whenever that comes)

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