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25440272_1640045479351062_3440448862473966088_oGroomInspiration presents it’s very own Blogger Groom for 2018!

In September 2018, Ayo Afolabi and his blogger wife-to-be Ruth Awogbade will be tying the knot and GroomInspiration will be charting the journey for Fiancé to Groom! Each month, Ayo will be sharing different aspects of this journey with a monthly feature on our blog and on our IG page with updates, from the groomsmen reveal, to the stag do, to the traditional celebration all the way up to the wedding itself! Check out our intro interview with Ayo below:


“What Ayo says…”

“I’m really looking forward to this collaboration with GroomInspiration. I followed them very closely for the last few months and I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on the IG page so the opportunity to work more closely with the team was a no brainer! What I like most about GroomInspiration (besides the fact that all the images are on point, lol) is that it provides a medium for guys to be able to express from a guy’s perspective the aspects of wedding planning particularly through the lens of fashion. I know most guys like to convey the aura of apathy when it comes to weddings, (I tried and failed to not care!) but the reality is that guys actually do care about how they rock up to weddings, the latest sartorial trends, and the other stuff that guys tend to be interested in. I’m hoping that as I share my story from now, I’ll be able to bring alive the journey and resonate with all the guys out there.



So tell us about yourself Ayo – who are you and what do you do?

So I’m 29 years old and I’m a management consultant, working within the Banking Sector by day, but outside of work, I am one half of ‘The Afolabis’, a blog that I run with my fiancée Ruth in which we produce content about relationships, love, life and purpose. I’m also a speaker, appearing as a panellists at events and I’m also a writer. Outside of Work and the Blog, I’m a massive Man Utd fan, and I love music, playing the Drum-kit and the Piano. I also love a good Faaji (Nigerian parlance for party), being a people person and am therefore very from the “work hard play hard” school of thought.


So how did you and Ruth meet?

So I’ve kinda known Ruth since 2008. I say “kinda” because we knew of each other but only really started talking in 2015, with   up to then being a more social media interaction… I was invited to assist at an event she was hosting for her magazine MAGNIFY, and we’d added each other on Facebook, but for one reason or another I couldn’t make it, so we actually only met face-to-face in 2013 and then again briefly at my best friend’s wedding in 2014. We then linked up again in 2015 and we really hit it off, and I didn’t waste time in snapping her up. I proposed to her in February 2017 and the rest is history. We’re now in the throes of wedding planning and suffice to say it’s been a pretty hectic few months (eek!), but overall we’re looking forward to the big day, but more importantly we’re looking forward to the day after and life beyond.


What makes you both compatible with each other?

I think the ability to align to each other’s purpose is a very important aspect to any relationship. I think you can be physically attracted to anybody, or gel emotionally with anybody but those things only sustain relationships to a certain extent. As a Christian guy, I know that I’ve been created for a purpose so I know that the person who I was going to end up with would be someone who would have to align to God’s purpose for my life and I believe that Ruth does that in every way, and I believe I align to God’s purpose for hers too. We are very different, and those differences can be quite hilarious to see, but those differences actually make us complement each other very well. It also helps that Ruth is as football mad as I am and also supports Man Utd so this surely is a match made in heaven!

25299663_1629900447032232_5325191965815190763_oSo that’s all for this month! Next month we’ll be back with further updates on how our groom-to-be is getting along.

Check out Ayo on Instagram: @_ayo_afolabi

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