GI Groom Mayode | The Ice-Rink Proposal
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Our first GIGroom is ‘serial groomsman’ Mayode. Mayode has being a groomsman at over 10 weddings (at last count). We will be following his journey to say I Do on the website. Below is the proposal story!
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How did you meet?

We were ‘match made’ by my cousin, Dee who happened to be her high school friend in 2011.  After some convincing on both sides (we both were reluctant to the matchmaking idea), we exchanged pins and kept in touch for a couple of months, until she came to Nigeria over the Christmas break and went on our first date. We were in a long distance relationship for over 2 and half years. I would fly to Chicago in the summer and she would fly to Lagos over Christmas.


The Proposal 

For months, I was looking for rings online and just couldn’t seem to find one that was right. This was mainly because my fiancée doesn’t like anything everyone else likes; hers has to be unique yet simple. So this was a challenge for me, but I was determined to overcome. After months of visiting countless sites, I finally found the perfect one and purchased it.


So we began to plan! I was visiting Chicago for my birthday and my fiancée promised to take me ice-skating (our first time). I knew it would be a great idea to propose then as she would never anticipate a proposal on my birthday.


Dee and I made 4 large photos of us, with “WILL”  “YOU” “MARRY” “ME” boldly written. We then made a CD with John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ on it. It was “our song” after I had dedicated it to her during one of our Skype conversations.


While we went to get our skates, I slipped them the CD and told them to play it after we went round twice. When it started playing we skated towards the part of the rink where her friends and family were waiting.  As soon as she spotted them holding the placards with our pictures on it, she burst into tears and I knew I had fulfilled my mission.


Mayode and Dami recently had their prewedding photo shoot in Lagos

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